Get to see the most awe-inspiring natural locations in Perú. Get more than a photo can say.

Rainbow Mountain

Very early in the morning we will immerse ourselves in a picturesque trip, for two hours, and then start the hike to this dazzling place. We will ascend to more than 5000m where you'll feel close to the sky. While there we can appreciate the scenic beauty of the mountains and the sacred surrounding of Vinincunca as the Apu Ausangate mountain, as well as observe some flora and fauna of the place.

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Humantay Lake

A unique tourist destination that touches the eye for its spectacular natural landscape surrounded by snowcapped mountains such as Humantay and Salkantay. During the tour you will see camelids such as llamas and alpacas, we will reach the 4,200m already at the top.

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Chonta Condor Canyon

The Condor or Apu Kuntur was a bird sacred to the Incas, whose function in the Andean Trilogy was to establish a link from the present world Kay pacha with the upper world or Hanan pacha within the Andean Cosmovision.

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Ausangate 7 Lake

It is an extraordinary day hike, where we can visit several turquoise-colored lagoons, part of Vilcanota mountain range and also be close to the mountains of Ausangate and Ayangate. Almost at the end of the tours you can enjoy the relaxing thermal waters with a wonderful view of the mountains and local life.

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A spectacular place that offers the visitor beautiful landscapes of ocher, red, green, blue and white colors give life to the beautiful Rainbow Mountain range of Pallcoyo, in addition you will be able to appreciate the forest of stones.

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Manu Cultural Zone

Enjoy  4-day adventure in  Manu Cultural Zone  where you can enjoy the magical nature. We leave from Cusco, during the tour we will appreciate the Chullpas de Ninanmarca, then we will cross the cloud forest to enter the Manu. Then we go by boat from Puerto Atalaya to Cocha Machuwasi, where we will observe the shansho, monkeys and reptiles. Later we will go in search of colorful parrot and macaw clay licks, then we will sail by boat to Cocha Maravilla and from a platform we will observe the species that inhabit this area.

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Manu Reserve

Enjoy  7-day adventure in the Reserved Zone of Manu live the adventure and delight in the magical nature. We leave from Cusco, very early from the starting  our trip we will be able to observe magnificent specimens of endemic species, in this tours we will sail in boats from which we observe many species of birds and visit a native community to see their way of life. We will enter the Reserved Zone to appreciate the wildlife of the Manu National Park, we will observe species such as caimans and otters, we will go further into the forest towards Cocha Otorongo aboard a catamaran we will observe giant otters and 9 species of monkeys.

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Tambopata Express

Dare to enjoy an exciting expedition to the capital of biodiversity of Peru. For 3 days you can enjoy nature, you will be enchanted with the wonderful flora and fauna that the Tambopata reserve has, surrounded by the majestic Madre de Dios River.
Ideal for nature lovers and for those who have little time, and who nevertheless wish to spend some wonderful days.

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Tambopata Adventure Jungle

Exciting expedition to the capital of the biodiversity of Peru. For 5 days you can enjoy nature, you will be captivated by the flora and fauna of the Tambopata Reserve, you can also share with the native community their customs, live the adventure of slipping through the zipline, and canopy.

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Tambopata Macaw Sighting

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