Experience the most breathtaking moments walking on exotic lands with amazing views, weather and learn what makes Peru an amazing place to visit.

Mythical Inca Trail


The Inca Trail is considered one of the 5 best walks in the world which culminates in Machupicchu majestic citadel one of the wonder of the world.
It is a fabulous walk where we can appreciate Inca trails over the mountains, spectacular landscapes, unique flora and fauna, as well as well-preserved archaeological centers full of charm. There is no person who resists visiting Machupichu on this road; at this moment breathe, and imagine how fabulous it would be that you. is traveling these Roads.
Dare to make this walk we are sure that you will not regret it.

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Express Inca Trail

This is a short walk but not less important of the Inca trail, for the tourists who have little time, in the tour we can visit the CHACHABAMBA archaeological group located at 2000 masl, with a temperature of 18 to 20 degrees, continuing the tour we visited WIÑAYHUAYNA archaeological group discovered by the Peruvian archaeologist Julio C. Tello, an area very rich in fauna and flora.

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Choquequiraw Inca Expedition

It is an unforgettable hike, we can descend to the impressive Apurímac canyon from where we can appreciate the over-flight of the Condors, the snow-capped peaks of Pedrayoc among other mountains, as well as observe the flora of the place; the archaeological group has agricultural terraces, a ceremonial center, population area and an Inca cemetery is a group that is still discovered, since it is covered with vegetation, by the time 40% of the group was discovered, it is still being found remains of tombs among other enclosures.

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The Legendary Salkantay

Get ready to live the adventure of one of the best walks in the world. It has become an alternative for those who could not reach a quota to carry out the Inca Trail.
We have differentt option booking with us.

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Maukallaqta Tour

New 1 day walk, during the tour we can visit some Quechua villages.

Maukallaqta Inca city, planned and built symmetrically with limestone, its main accesses are  double jamb, carefully worked, they are works of exquisite architecture and engineering and are built by platforms, fountains, channels, retaining walls, waqas, kallancas, roads, esplanades and original streets of Inca characteristic beautiful adapted to the topography of the place.

In this place the legend and history are combined because besides having been an Inca settlement, in the vicinity there is the cave where the mythical heroes of the Inca ethnic group, the Ayar brothers, came from.

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A destination little explored, the whole natural environment warns that it is reaching a special place out of the ordinary of incomparable beauty, it is an Inca sanctuary of the first order that denotes immense political and religious power.

You can appreciate the Apurimac canyon and enjoy beautiful landscapes, lagoons, flora and fauna typical of the area.

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This bridge symbolized the union of the Inca peoples, we will also visit the four mysterious lagoons that are connected to each other, during the tours we will combine nature, culture and tradition as well as the adventure of passing the bridge back and forth and bird watching in The lagoons.

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